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“Thank you so much for the reading. Your words made me cry, they rang so true. I am exactly where you described me to be, it was as if you were reading my soul.” – Julie S.

"After reading the messages that were sent (and crying for about 10 minutes because of the shock of it all and the accuracy) I did find “some” of the strength I had locked away deep inside.” – Melissa D.

"I feel like we’re good friends and the reading was done just like that, like Melanie was doing a reading over a cup of tea and chocolate chip biscuit with her friend (me) sitting across the table from her.” – Susan H.

"You have an amazing gift, I am so glad that I trusted you to do my reading. You see everything in such a positive way. Thank you again, you answered all my questions and more.” – Brenda C.

"Melanie’s reading was clear, accurate and compassionate. I highly recommend her.”
- Kimberly N.

“Words cannot describe how thankful and appreciative I am for the effort you have poured into this. It has exceeded my expectations-blown them out of the water actually!” – Jag D.

“Thank you so much for your reading! It left me speechless because it is so were very kind and brought me joy and a huge smile on my face..” – Diana F.

“I received your reading and it was dead on. Everything you said is true and accurate. I wasn’t really a believer until I got your reading. You convinced me.” – William D.

“Everything was right on. I only gave Melanie my name but it was like she traveled into my mind and past. With my reading complete I look forward to my future.” – Janie

“It was touching and comforting how you and your guides offered me great advice as I am going through this. Truly inspirational–thank you!” – Jenelle R.